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    “LeBrush” is a contemporary Roman typeface based on real brush lettering, in 10 styles from Thin to ExtraDark, inspired on the classic Roman proportion of the “Capitalis Monumentalis” present into the Trajan Column and another Greek architectural structures. The “LeBrush classic” weight was specially developed to easily design ‘Movie titling’ graphics, cover books & magazines and posters. More skilled designers and pro-Users can even set the type, in a very smart way, in logotypes and labels as well, using its multiple advanced opentype options and extra ornamental sets. Lowercases allowed users to work in lecture size requirements.

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    LeBrush Full Pack, LeBrush Family, LeBrush Extras, LeBrush Thin, LeBrush ExtraLight, LeBrush Light, LeBrush Book, LeBrush Classic, LeBrush Meidum, LeBrush Bold, LeBrush ExtraBold, LeBrush Dark, LeBrush ExtraDark, LeBrush Extras Animals, LeBrush Extras Dingbats, LeBrush Extras Ornaments, LeBrush Demo


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